Saturday, March 23, 2013

Corregidor Sunrise, Japanese Tunnels, The Rocket, ATV, & A Hike off the Beaten Path (Part 2)

Despite lack of sleep due to tiny, four-legged uninvited visitors, my adrenaline kept me full of energy for the early morning tour.  We left the inn around 5:30 am and were taken back to Topside where the Eternal Flame was located to witness sunrise.  Perched on the highest point of the island, the views of Bataan and the bay were amazing.  It was a windy morning, and the sun hadn’t shown itself yet.  Sadly, when the sun started to come out, our views were either obstructed by dark clouds or covered by the surrounding greens.  Nevertheless, a peaceful morning with such beautiful scenery is always a good start to a day.

Orange dressed sky to wake up to

Corregidor...Historical Day Tour, Sunset Viewing, Army Post Hospital & Night Lateral Tour (Part 1)

Corregidor: Remnants of War & An Island of Peace

"Take a look at what Iraq would look like in the future..." said VG the tour guide.  I remember this line well; I was here 10 years ago right at the time the Iraq War was starting.  Still a kid then, I had forgotten most of what I'd seen in Corregidor but I did vaguely remember a few things like the ruined barracks, the Japanese cemetery, an old tunnel and the eerie feel I got when it got dark.

Enter the present and my travel addiction has never been stronger and I've been on the prowl for nearby weekend destinations to quench my thirst for adventure.  With it's proximity to Manila, Corregidor became one of my destinations, but I wanted to fully explore the island without restrictions, a short day tour just wouldn't suffice.  The problem was, only Sun Cruises offered overnight packages to Corregidor and the prices were steep.  Luckily, they released a promo through Deal Grocer and I wasted no time in getting my tickets!

Island Museum